One of my favorite businesses is Expand2Web, which offers tools and training to help businesses get and market online.  I LOVE The SmallBiz WordPress Theme and use it a lot in my web design business.

The owner, Don Campbell, recently redid his logo and had new business cards designed.  I asked him to share his design and his process.

I recently redid the logo for Expand2Web, because I wanted a logo on a single line (it was on two  lines before) and I wanted a logomark graphic associated with it for brand identification, and for use as a Favicon, etc.

Although so many things are electronic these days, I still use business cards a lot at conferences and parties when I meet new people. It seems like everyone still relates well to a printed business card. People still hand them to me all the time too.

On the back of my card, I took the opportunity to put a short sentence that describes what my company does: “Tools and Training To Get Your Business Online”


P.S. I had the logo and business card designed at 99 Designs, I was very specific with the designers there. I had the cards printed at Printing For Less and they went over and above with customer service. The first set I had reprinted because of an issue with the artwork I supplied them, and they did that for me at no-cost. Then they wrote this nice blog post about my business. “

Anyway here is his business card – and note, all you skeptics, that this is an ONLINE MARKETER who still uses business cards.

I like the way they used the space on the back of their business card too.

Business Card Origami Workshop – if you’re going to be in LA this Saturday, this could be a cool event to attend at the IFF – the Institute for Figuring.

Here’s how they describe this image:  “… a model designed by IFF visitor David Orozco, a talented folder who has developed a new method for linking cards together, thus enabling this intriguing foam-like form that fills space with a lovely cubic tesselation.”

Have you ever tried doing origami – or building other structures – with business cards?  If so please share!  You can even put it on the new Business Card Showcase Facebook Page.

This third and final post from David Kalthoff concerns mistakes people make when designing or ordering business cards. He continues:

The area within a business card is small, but some people try to cram it with information which naturally makes text smaller and more difficult to read.

Another major mistake is when we receive files with borders.

While they can be visually appealing when printed correctly, due to the offset printing process the chance that borders are printed uneven is substantial. Most companies don’t guarantee evenness of any sort of border on cards.

Another problem we see often is too much black. A lot of customers don’t quite understand the four color process that’s used to print todays business cards.

On cards with small text within a large black area, the ink tends to bleed in to the letters, producing an undesirable effect.

Another problem that arises is when customers lay out their cards improperly and place text too close to the edge of one side or another, making the card visually imbalanced.

We also encounter problems of resolution. Customers tend to digitally create things that look great on screen at 72dpi but are unfortunately too low resolution to print, which makes the final product blurry. They become victims of today’s digital production process that can be difficult to understand.

Most of these issues can be resolved in a timely manner if the files are checked professionally prior to printing, which we offer as a free service when you order business cards or any other printed item from us.

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Today’s post from David Kalthoff concerns the business card industry.

What’s the status of the business card INDUSTRY?  Can you share stats about what is popular and where the industry is going? I hear that business cards are dying out.

The scope of the entire business card industry has changed in recent years.  The quantities that customers are ordering at one time have decreased. People move offices more frequently or change positions.

Likewise, people tend to order smaller quantities of cards in anticipation of changing them before they run out of the entire box.

Because of the cost factor of business cards; the fact that they’re so inexpensive these days, some companies are practically giving them away for free. The market is flooded with them.

So, in order to make your business card memorable. in order to make it stand out, the type of card you create would very much reflect the character of your company.

Now people tend to go for more flashy cards, options like spot UV coating, foils of various types and colors whereas traditionally it was only silver or gold now we do foil of just about any color. Adding round corners, slimming them down and making the cards narrower, making plastic cards and even sticker cards -  all of these things contribute to making a card stand out.

When you take the cost factor, the vastness of options that are available and the speeds at which cards are produced these days, I would say business cards are a business within itself. There are companies out there that do nothing but business cards and they’re very good at it.

Of all other print products, I would say that business cards have the most longevity. While other products have gone extinct, business cards are here to stay. Every business should have a set of business cards, and every business can afford one now.

In terms of popularity, our 16pt full color cards are our biggest seller. Spot UV and slim cards are big sellers as well, and really stand out when you put them next to a flimsy, one color, one sided card.

Overall, about 25-30% of the orders that come through our website are for business cards.

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Some valuable insight from David Kalthoff of - I asked him some questions about how business cards are changing, the status of the industry, and common mistakes on business cards.  I’ll share his answers with you in the next few blog posts!

Here’s………… DAVID!

How are business cards changing?

Traditionally you would see a business card as something that goes along with company stationery like letterheads and envelopes.

Today, a business card is no longer used for just contact information. It’s more viewed as a promotional product. A flyer, of sorts.

Capabilities of printing business cards have changed. We’re allowed thicker paper stock, special coatings, die cuts, photographic quality printing. All of these things lend themselves to making a miniature promotional product rather than just a calling card.

Gone are the days of thermal cards, too. It’s like asking for a plaid suit. It’s not in style any longer. The heat process that’s used to boil ink to raise it off of the paper is unsafe. There are too many chemicals involved and it’s just not a printing process that would be considered modern. There are very few printing companies that are still producing that product.

What new technologies are available and how are they being used today as compared to say 10 years ago?

10  years ago these were all very expensive options that would cost hundreds of dollars for a box of cards. Today you can have any of these for around $50 or less.

Turnaround times have changed as well. 10 years ago it would take weeks to get a set of cards done between the desktop publishing and the printing process.

Today, files can be digitally produced instantaneously and the printing process regardless of complexity gets completed in just a couple of days.

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