Free Business Cards
When… and Where.. to Order Free Business Cards?

(Legitimate offers for free business cards are listed below)

It’s said that the word FREE is the most powerful word in marketing, which certainly makes sense.  It’s human nature to want a good deal, and you don’t get a better deal than “free” – or do you?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of free business cards.  “Free business cards” is a high-demand search phrase, and you can certainly FIND free business card offers on the Internet.  However, should you take advantage of them?

Well, yes and no. It depends who you order from, and what the “catch” is. There’s always a catch – as the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” So if you want to order free business cards, you need to weigh what the company offers against what you’re expected to pay (in terms of confidential information, privacy, service, quality or whatever.)

Typically, one or more if these “strings” are typically attached to a free business card order:

  • You pay for shipping.  The cards themselves are free, but you pay shipping and handling.
  • The cards have a logo or “Printed by” offer on the back, promoting the printing service.  Yes you can design the front but the back contains an ad (which makes you look unprofessional, as if you can’t afford to buy business cards.)
  • Other business card printers offer free business cards – but the catch is that the cards are free with an order. Order brochures and you get free business cards. Order 500 business cards and you’ll get 500 more free. So you still have to lay out money for your “free” business cards.

So BE CAREFUL and READ THE FINE PRINT before responding to any “free business card” offer!

I HAVE found several Free Business Card Offers for reputable companies!

I cannot guarantee how long the offers will last, but I’ve ordered from both these companies using this offer and think the business cards and the service were just fine.  Please order through the links below to get the offer!

As of 12/31/2012 – the offers I had here have expired. I’m looking for more quality free business card offers!

These fine companies are providing free business cards because they hope you’ll like them well enough to order again and actually PAY for ‘em – please don’t abuse this offer!