I said on my business card printer review page that I’m leery of ordering business cards from Vistaprint.com.  Here’s why.

Let me start off by saying that I did not personally have problems on the few business card orders I placed with them in years past.  I think some of their card designs are really attractive, their “250 free cards” offer was sheer marketing genius, and I even wrote a couple of columns for them in their first email newsletters.  And there are many happy customers.

But I have concerns that I feel you should know about.

Their business cards are smaller and thinner than standard.

Vistaprint.com cards are smaller than anyone else’s cards I’ve seen; 3.43″ by 1.93″ (or 87mm x 49mm).  Vistaprint Document Trim Size

(This is still true as of June 2012; I just checked.)  Look for their “document trim size” and other artwork specifications. People think I’m making this up, so prove it to yourself by laying a Vistaprint card on top of a standard-sized business card.  Most people don’t realize that these measurements are smaller than standard, and of course they’re not going to point that out.

They’re also thinner/lighter than most business cards.  As of June 2012, their business card paper is “80lb. Matte or 90lb. Glossy card stock” – which is not quite 10pts.  (See  http://www.vistaprint.com/customer-care/service-center-faqs.aspx?faq_id=85)

Paper weight is confusing, but maybe it helps to know that standard 3×5″ index cards are 110lb. stock.  And 100lb weight cover paper is 11 pts.  (See http://www.paper-paper.com/weight.html).  So their “90lb. glossy card stock” is thinner than an index card, not very thick or sturdy.  (Compare this to my favorite business card printer, whose cards are 14pt, 130lb. and the standard 3.5″ x 2″ trim size.)

Now some people like thick cards, and some people like thin.  So thin business cards aren’t necessarily bad.  But personal preferences aside, why should you care if their cards are smaller than other printers’ cards?

Because perceptions matter.  If you’re out to impress a client, and your business cards have less size and less weight, YOUR BUSINESS can be perceived as being somehow “less”, too.  Cheap.  Flimsy. Not around for the long haul.  Not a very good business image to have.

Maybe a 90lb. WEIGHT card is fine for you, but when that business card is also smaller in SIZE… well, I don’t see how that can enhance your reputation at all.

I know, I know, maybe you’re a Vistaprint customer and you never noticed this and no one’s ever said anything negative about your cards – but believe me, SOME people WILL notice.  They’ll just be too polite to say so.

So am I saying that VistaPrint’s cards are okay, but not for business use?  Well, not really.

Second:  Lots of customer complaints.

I’m not making this up, either.  Read all these complaints. (Type Vistaprint scam or Vistaprint ripoff or Vistaprint problem into Google and you’ll find more.)

The link from their website to the Better Business Bureau says they have an A+ rating, which is great – but here’s another BBB rating of F.  I don’t understand how the same company can have multiple ratings – one is from the Boston BBB, one is from the Eastern Michigan BBB – anyway this makes no sense to me but does concern me.

Third:  They’re not that cheap, anyway!

People initially visit VistaPrint.com to try out their free offer.  It’s hard to beat “free”, so I understand the appeal! – even though every free card does have the “cost” of you giving them an ad on the back side of the card.  Many people choose to upgrade from the free offer and pay for their cards.

But if you’re going to pay for your business cards, Vistaprint.com’s regular prices aren’t that low, compared to other printers.  And if they’re smaller and thinner I think they SHOULD be cheaper.

In Short:

Lots of people like Vistaprint.com’s cards, are happy customers, and have had no problems.  Good!  And maybe things have changed since this was written (although I don’t see how they’d change the card size; it would be tremendously expensive to use different printing presses.)

But given that there are other business card printers with excellent reputations, cheaper prices, and beautiful cards, I don’t recommend ordering business cards from Vistaprint.com.

If you think this information is important, please tell your friends!

Here’s a great alternative to Vistaprint: 48HourPrint.com – Printing that’s fast, affordable and guaranteed… or it’s FREE!

48 Responses to “Why I Don’t Recommend Vistaprint’s Business Cards”

  1. eagleturtle says:

    I am an artist and designer, and for postcards and very short run business cards (for barbershop quartets for example) I have found VP to be an excellent investment. I’ve been a reseller for years, and I still get oooohs and aaaaahs over my cards for eagleturtle, although I last printed in 2006. The stock is NOT substandard. When I need a thousand cards at a time, I go to large printers, but the shortrun postcards are brilliantly colored repros of my paintings, sculptures, and graphics. I do wish they would optimize for PNG files, but otherwise, for the purpose they just can’t be beat. I MUCH prefer dealing locally, but the costs for shortruns are prohibitive. I do think they ‘eat our lunch’ on shipping, but the total-wash is comparatively economical.

  2. Tim says:

    Vistaprint makes us honest graphic designers look like we’re ripping off our clients. I’ve lost business to Vistaprint because clients say why should they pay me when they can get the cards for free from Vistaprint? The old adage “You get what you pay for” certainly applies here. I design custom business cards and don’t follow a template, and I don’t overbill and provide shoddy merchandise.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have to agree with the comments about size and weight. I had used Vistaprint for free postcards previously and was happy with the product I received. So when I required business cards I actually paid to upload my design from the graphic designer and was devastated when I received them. As you mentioned they were smaller, lighter but worse the font was so small I practically needed glasses to read them (and I don’t normally use glasses) this was not evident when I looked at the proof.

  4. Barbara Rush says:

    I know they’re not top of the line, but they serve their purpose for most people who are on a budget. I’ve never had any problem with the cards I’ve gotten from them, which I use to advertise my novel. For something more elegant, I’d probably use a local printer.

  5. thereisbeauty says:

    In my experience, people who say that VistaPrint’s prices are not really all that great don’t actually know how to take advantage of all of the extra offers that VistaPrint provides…I just bought 250 Business Cards, a 50 sheet pad of Sticky Notes, 140 Return Address Labels, and a metal Business Card Holder. The Business Cards, Sticky Notes, and Return Address Labels each have my own personal uploaded photo on them, so my price includes paying for three individual photo uploads, but my total order, with shipping, came to only $33.92. That’s with $.99 shipping, because I pay attention to the emails they send me.

    I also bought all of my Save The Dates(250), Invitations(100), RSVPs(100) and envelopes(100) for my wedding from them for under $100 total, and was incredibly pleased with the service and quality. When I accidentally clicked on one of their offers to “Order 100 more Save The Dates” for an additional charge if I ordered within twenty minutes, well AFTER the twenty minute deadline AND closed my webpage before it even loaded the additional products, I was pretty upset when I saw that they added the extra charge to my order anyway. I sent an email to their customer service, not expecting to receive a response for a couple of days, if at all, and within six hours they had refunded me back for the additional amount, and sent me an email telling me that they would still be sending the extra cards out, at no additional cost.

    So, all in all, I love VistaPrint. Pay attention to the email offers that they send, as annoying as they may be to get every few days. I just have a VistaPrint folder in my email that I send them all too when I don’t feel like dealing with them at the moment. Then I go back later when I’m looking to place another order. Most of their offers are still good well beyond the deadline, so you don’t actually have to always read them right away. :)

  6. Jonathan says:

    I have noticed that VistaPrint cards are pretty low quality. I can remember two specific instances someone handed me a business card and as soon as I touched it, I shuddered and thought “Vistaprint…”. I will still do business with them though, normally when someone hands me their card it is because I am selling them something – if it was the other way round, I may think twice.

  7. Wish I had seen this post before I bought my business cards. My previous employer got business cards through Vistaprint and they were decent card stock and the normal size. But I just created a new order a few weeks ago and my new business cards look smaller and cheaper than any I’ve seen before.

    It literally looks like a cheap imitation of a real business card…feels like a knockoff made in china. I sent a nasty email to customer support, but I guess it’s my own fault for not doing some proper research beforehand.

    I figured how hard can it be to create some friggin business cards, you know?

  8. Paula says:

    I just wanted to say I agree with you that there is something suspicious about “free”…I think I figured out what it is…on the back of the absolutely free cards they advertise THEMSELVES..ON MY BUSINESS CARD!
    I am debating whether or not to order them at this point. To get rid of their advertisement its $4.00. That already is a bad taste in my mouth…and as a person in the psychology field I agree with you about the smaller card comment. However, starting out and looking for work..this may not be the worst deal for $4.00. Will have to think about it.

  9. Annie says:

    I admit, I did start out using Vistaprint but have grown professionally. Being in the graphics, print industry, it has to be known: Vistaprint is amateur, cheap, and people recognize Vistaprint cards all the time. Small biz needs to understand that your biz card is a reflection of the way you conduct business: professionally or amateur-ish. Image is important.
    Vistaprint will give you FREE at a one time deal and then when re-ordering, they hit you with a cost plus shipping charge. I agree its a great selling tactic but its not a long lasting relationship for small biz serious about their image.

  10. KAREN CLARKE says:

    I agree with the article. I was very happy with first couple of orders but did upgrade where I could. Definitely smaller – this last lot seems smaller than before but I have not checked – still looks cheesy although it has a nice glossy finish. I would be interested in the “best” companies.

  11. Matt says:

    Hello Tim,
    I don’t know who provides substandard product or doesn’t. But I can tell you that Vista Print spends a lot of money on advertising and a bit of time (=money) on junk mail. Money that I do not feel like reimbursing someone for. If you would provide a link of some kind to your business…. I do not know the protocols for this type of request or if you would be breaking any rules by providing contact info, but it would be appreciated. I want my business to stand out. I want a card that can stay in a wallet for ten years, survive the test of time and come out still looking good. I don’t need it to survive a nuclear holocaust, but I want it to look GOOD and have some texture and appeal and be legible.

  12. neeke says:

    most people should know by now if something says free-that they might not be the highest quality. but i have ordered from them too and they were high quality good stock paper etc.

  13. Guy says:

    I have to both “agree” and disagree” with what’s been written here. First, the “disagree”. I deciced to spend a few extra bucks and get Vistaprint’s “premium” cards with the gloss coating on the main side of the card. I have to admit I was impressed with the quality of the stock and gloss coat finish on the main side of the card. I did upload my own design and added my company logo and wording on the backside. Everyone person I showed the card to was impressed, including some rather large company CEOs.

    Now for the “agree” part. I do agree that by the time you select “premium” stock and all the other add-ons, the price jumps considerably above what Vistaprint leads you on to believe. BUT still, the cost ran about $40 for 500 cards and they got to me in 7 business days – far less than what I was quoted by local quality printers who I can’t imagine would have produced any better of a business card.

    However, admin is absolutely correct about the cards being slightly smaller in size AND Vistaprint not telling you this up front. In fact, Vistaprint misleads you by stating their business cards are standard industry size of 2″ by 3.5″. Now, is the “really” a big deal? Well, I guess not too much when you consider very few people (if any) would ever notice the difference. After all, how many people hold up business cards to each other to compare size, right? But I agree with admin that it’s the principle of the matter – and that does tick me off.

    I have let Vistaprint know my displeasure on the “misleading” of the card’s size.

    So, final word – if you’re going to buy from Vistaprint, know up front the cards will be a tad smaller in size and be sure to order the “premium” stock of cards.

  14. Alex says:

    I had my business cards made by a local printing company. For one of my colleagues, I used Vistaprint. Overall, the local printing company did a much better job. It took Vistaprint a couple times to get it right. They originally printed the card crooked and have poor qualify control. However, they did send replacements with no hassle. There was a big difference in price; over $100 for the printer and $10 for Vistaprint. The Vistaprint cards are decent. You get what you pay for.

  15. Tim says:

    It was very upsetting to see how crappy the VistaPrint non-standard cards looked on 2″ x 3-1/2″ magnets purchased elsewhere! I got an immediate refund.

    I don’t get the undersize stuff they use. To the best of my knowledge, they don’t even try to explain it.

    I’d rate them a big, fat ZERO.

  16. Sarah says:

    I don’t agree with their whole ‘free’ ordeal anyway. I went to the site (after hearing about them on commercials and such) saw the option to make a ‘free logo’. So I tried it out and then went to add it to the cart — assuming it would be free, but no! $19.99 for a downloaded logo file. That’s not free… anyone could just take a picture of the image anyway, ‘course I didn’t do that, I’ll just design my own and scan it into the computer.

  17. James J says:

    Such a great article its so true, we are a printing company and it’s shocking how many people fall for it, it’s good someone is trying to educate people

  18. db says:

    I was completely happy with the free order of VistaPrint business cards, until I turned it over to read ‘All business cards are free at Vistaprint.com’. Nothing says ‘cheesy’ like that….

  19. Zora says:

    I purchased the 2″X3-1/2″ magnets. The color is poor. The edges look like they were cut with DULL scissors

  20. Aisha says:

    I got my cards today. I am very upset. I noticed the print is too small and older people or people with poor vision may not be able to see my cards well. The background is really dark (mahogany) and the print is purple and absolutely can not make out the font very well at all. I know they will charge me to send it back and it is 500 cards so I will not return them. The cards I got were $10 for 250 regular cards and then towards the end they offered me 250 premium cards for $3.74. The only difference I see is the premium is a bit thicker and smoother but hardly anyone can tell unless they put the two together and examine it thoroughly. I noticed too that the thinner ones are easier to read so I would not recommend the premium for dark backgrounds as my cards have. I wont be using them again. Plus 500 cards is more than I’ll ever need with my small scale business. Hopefully as I advance I can afford to spend more money on higher quality cards. Bottom line is “you get what you pay for”!

  21. Sharilyn says:

    I’m very glad to have found this site.
    I am a recent graduate with very little money for a start up business. I was trying to decide whether to go with my local printer or upload my custom design to vistaprint for my business cards to save some money. THANK YOU for stopping me from making a VERY bad business decision because as you say, how you present yourself is everything.

  22. mary says:

    I am a teacher. Cheap is good! I buy a set of “business cards” each year and format them as incentive cards, print inspirations, class mottos, etc. I use the “loyalty cards” and mark days of achievement…works for me.
    businesses always have to go trial and error to find merchandise that works. Our union used loyalty cards this year to register teachers at TGIFs which encouraged unity and participation…

  23. XXXX says:

    The free 250 Business Card from Vista Print is Junk. They mention mat in the add. It is poorly screen printed with no attractive color or texure. Card is smaller in size and not even cut properly. Your business will look cheap if you share this card with any prospective client. Do not waste money on shipping.

  24. DJ 'K' says:

    Hello Diana,

    I must agree that Vista Print is a great beginner card for someone who doesn’t know better but it is definitely inferior to regular Business Cards.
    I wish to thank you for pointing that out to me. For years I have used Vista Print and when I received my cards, I felt something was wrong, but I could never really put my finger on it.

    And whenever I was handed someone else’s Card, I would sometimes notice how Beefy and Rigid their cared was over mine, and I just accepted the fact that “Yes” I did buy the cheapest options on Vista Print and maybe next time I will upgrade to the better options.

    However, according to you, there is no way of getting a full 2 x 3.5 out of Vita Print, and unless I want to pay an additional $25 per Thousand, I will never have the benefit heavier Stock, nor Glossy which is another $25 on top of that.

    So, in reality, even with the “Free Card” promotion Vista Print is not giving us anything for free, and in fact may be charging us more than what we are paying for when you look at the final quality of the product.

    Since reading you article, I have visited several other Online Business Card sites, and have been shocked to find I can have so much better cards, that still compete price wise with Vista Print’s best offer.

    Many thanks to you

  25. Barbara says:

    Vistaprint order would have been Ok. Except they are charging an absolute bs amount for postage. Just ridiculous.
    Why ruin a good service by ripping everyone off on this. I had a voucher so whether they were only doing this to voucher customers….
    Come on Vista-no need for it!

  26. Jason G. says:

    I am confused as to why Vistaprint would sell slightly smaller business cards… I bought the “Premium” cards a few months ago. Now, I hate to use them because they are noticable smaller. Why? Why would they even bother to make them smaller and not stick with the industry standard? That makes no sense. Obviously someone in their marketing or innovation department needs to be replaced. I will not buy from Vistaprint again, regardless of the low cost.

  27. Massai says:

    I ordered business-cards from VistaPrint for my newly started company, selecting the “premium” line of cards. I enjoyed messing about with my design using their online utility, but the following barrage of link-sale offers was really annoying. The cards themselves were “okay” – no better, no worse, just “okay”. The odd size of these cards however, makes them instantly recognisable, and whenever I receive a card which is all to clearly a VP product I can’t help thinking “oh, another cheap b****rd”, and I feel slightly embarrassed about handing over one of my own. Lesson learned.

  28. Paul Smith says:

    I totally agree with Jason G and the original poster, the small cards are a bit of a piss take really.

    During all of the process of advertising their crap to me and then again during the whole long winded check out process not once did they clearly say hey by the way the size of the cards you’re ordering are not in line with cards you get pretty much anywhere else.

    The actual template image that they present you with when during the editing section, clearly looks to have a similar aspect ratio more in line with the larger (normal ) size cards; which is very deceiving of them to show it like that.

    I just got my delivery and I can honestly say that I originally thought I got a good deal, it certainly looked that way, but now they just turned up and i’ve opened them I’ve gone from feeling excited to totally gutted and deflated.

    In fact the first thing I thought to myself (after my heart fell out my bum) was that I knew I should of used the printers down the street.

    The over priced pens i bought were absolutely outrageous quality. They showed up as silver on their website and i thought that would be brilliant, as that goes in theme with my business colors and stuff, but they turned up white based and very sketchy indeed with ink missing in places.

    I would never recommend getting their pens, In fact you would probably do better buying them on ebay from a print that’s doing sideline work. Vista prints pens look proper s**t, they are cheap plastic rubbish with made in china stamped on the big plastic chrome clip bit (even the chrome bit showed up as brushed silver on their site ffs).

    The free mug that i got with my logo actually doesn’t look that bad, bar a couple of things; they printed my logo a bit grainy and that was from a real high resolution crisp image that I provided them which all of the other printers have used and had better results from, and the logo isn’t where I would of put it If I had carried out the printing work.

    I expected the image on the mug to be center from or between the handle to the opposite side of the mug, but no the image print started about an inch in from the handle which left about 2″ from the end of the logo to the opposite side of the mug; but I cant complain about that as it was free.

    Anyway, I haven’t opened my other bits yet but if they’re crap I will be back to rant again.

    My Vista Print experience from the cocked up paypal check out system that said that my order was completed when it wasn’t and proceeded to tell me that if you check out again you will be charged again, leaving me no choice but to call them up and see whats up. Three telephone calls and two full blown arguments later, resulted in me having to pay by credit card.

    and with 2 out of 3 of their customer service team being complete assholes, that blatantly refused to give me their names or transfer me to a senior member of staff, just because I dare ask for them to double check and make sure my original paypal order wasn’t going to be sneaked though before I proceeded to pay with my credit card.

    I give them a product quality rating of 5 out of 10

    I give them a customer service rating of 3.33 out of 10

    I give the chance of me recommending them to family or a friend chance a 2 out of 10

    My over all experience a 3 out of 10..

    Put it this way, I started out a happy customer and then they just ruined it. What makes it worst is that when I had told friends about the price I paid they were interested, but when I show them what I ended up with they wont be using them, im pretty sure of that!

  29. wini says:

    I was two clicks away from buying my buisness cards from them when i decided to look thru my google results one last time and came across this…so what is a good company to go with?

  30. Lionel.J.Plant says:

    having used Vistaprint on numerous occasions I find the size of the cards perfect for carrying in your wallet as for quality it is right you get what you paid for and the comments from people who have my cards are impressed with the cards and designs.

  31. DMK says:

    I have used Vista Print & they DID NOT put their info on the back of my cards or anywhere else – they are a hair smaller, barely noticeable


  32. Tracy says:

    I have ordered from vista print several times and have not had an issue with the cards. They served the purpose for my ex husbands contruction company. I stopped ordering from them when they stole my credit card number and signed me up for a “vacation package” without my consent. When I called them about it the customer service rep was extremely rude and refused to take off the charges. My credit card company fraud investigator got my money back and told me they have had many complaints from customes of Vista print being signed up for this vacation package without their consent. Buyer beware….

  33. pluto says:

    I have just ordered business cards, and yet to receive them. I am a little nervous now! Wait and see I guess. What really annoyed me was the $ 465.00 postage charge when I went to put a second order in!!!! What a rip. I know New Zealand is a little way off the track but $465.00!!!. I could fly there, have a beer and a meal pick up my order and come back to NZ and probably still have some change to buy some duty free. Just as well I didn’t proceed with my second order. First order, almost no postage. Second order was when they went to sting me.Be careful and check the charges and postage.

  34. Tina says:

    I am one of the happy customers. My experience with Visaprint is not that big, but, so far, I have got all products as I was expecting to get for this price. you should be realistic: if you want to get a high quality product you gotta pay much more that such companies offer. don’t complain, just understand and compare. I am looking to order more and more other products from them. thanks to VIsaprint I send photoalbums abroad to my family. BTW, staples charges for additional pages too. be more positive and enjoy what you get. I am happy I don’t have any delays on receiving my orders, I don’t have any reason to call customer service. in comparison with other online retailers Visaprint is on top just for its way of doing business and service. beleive me, i had much worse experience and lost much money with the others.

  35. Hawleywood says:

    Vista Print is top notch. You get out what you put in. Like a database.. or.. life really.. Anyway – with a good PDF file and better stock options, including foil and other paper weight options – you can achieve stunning results from vista print, using Photoshop or Illustrator. Those looking for PNG support or balking at their template designs – need to take into consideration that which is graphic arts. If this is your livelihood, or business – get these things professionally designed. Don’t expect miracles out of a ‘free’ solution. Pay a little more for better stock. And again, most importantly – design it right – or that’s where you’ll look like a fool. I use VistaPrint for our corporate needs and if you design it right – it comes out right. Too many people here seem the guy who wants to get the premium by payin for the bronze. Take your time and don’t hurry up. Pay for the premium and get the premium.

  36. Pluto says:

    Well I received my business cards, and yes they are a dissapointment. They are noticably smaller, and they do look cheap. We are starting up a busienss and they will go into the trash, as we simply do not want to use them. They look home made. I wish I had read these blogs earlier, however, a relatively inexpensive mistake this time. Think carefully before you order. We are now engaging a local printer to get the job done right.

  37. Dan says:

    I just received my order of business cards. I am very disappointed in the size and quality of the cards. Even the print didn’t come out quite as sharp (white text on black glossy background). The cards are noticeably smaller than a standard card, which does give the impression that it is cheaper, even home-made. The thickness of the card is noticeably thinner, but that part is bearable.

    I will say that the customer service rep, although not as friendly, did give me a full refund for the order. Although, I will be ordering these from a different source and throwing these cards away.

  38. Kat R. says:

    I have purchased business cards throught Vista print on 4 occasions. The last ones I received (2 weeks ago) were done on 110lb paper. I took advantage of the “free shipping” and with that, received 1000 beautiful business cards for under $30.00. The work was as good as the local printer that charged me $50.00 for 250 business cards. I have also purchased a banner through them as well and loved it. I would recommend Vista Print to anyone.

  39. Alex A says:

    I seriously wish I read this article before odering my so called “premium business cards”. At first I was excited, once I received the cards I was shocked, the edges of the card we crooked, not cut properly, the ink looked faded and were like paper thin so I threw them out. Don’t waste your money!!

  40. Pete says:

    You get what you pay for. Vistaprint are cheap and cheerful. Which unfortunately is the impression the cards make when you give them out.

  41. Monica says:

    I recently ordered from vista print and I was horrified with what I received. The business cards looked so cheap and awful that I am going to throw them in the garbage. It was a total waste of money. The cards are definitely smaller than normal business cards and the weight is laughable. I also ordered thank you cards that have “vistaprint” printed on the back. They are a joke.

  42. UnhappyWithVistaprint says:

    I have experienced many problems with Vistaprint after signing up for Vistaprint Plus, which costs £5/month, but supposedly gives you £10 credit per month, yet I have never received the credit. After complaining, they gave me £10.50 credit, but then repeatedly didn;t give me my £10/month credit since!

  43. Chris says:

    I wished i’d seen this blog before i ordered. Spent a bunch of time with graphics and layout, only to get a product that upon first opening the box, it seemed ok but there seemed to be something wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I added the card to a pile of other business cards and then noticed it was smaller. The print quality wasn’t as nice as the Staples service that had used previously, but i thought the much lower price was worth it. I mean, who really saves business cards anymore? Into your outlook or contacts and then pitch the card. But the size obviously somehow sent the “cheap” message. I put in a complaint email to customer service and then did some Googling. I now know that there is no resolution. I will need to go back to Staples and pay a bit more to get the standard size card. They are fast and produce a good product so I can’t complain other than price.

  44. James says:

    The cards aren’t the same quality as you’d get from a decent printers, true. But it depends what you’re looking for. If I was running a business then I’d invest in good quality cards. But I use vistaprint for personal cards and they are ideal. Name, phone no and facebook account – they’re perfect for handing out, it’s so much easier than writing down your phone number every other day, and people are less likely to lose a card than a scrap of paper. So don’t use them for a business, but order some of the free ones for personal use.

  45. James Brew says:

    Another scam they have is to charge you extra for 3 day express shipping. €18. Then what happens is, in the checkout they offer you a bunch of free return address labels. So you think, what the heck it’s free and select them. A week later (not 3 days) you are still waiting. The reason is it takes a week to print off the free address labels. Yes folks, 3 days to print, ship and deliver full color business cards but it takes a week to get your address labels printed alone. I’d say the trouser the extra euros and stick it in mr. postmans bag.

  46. Maryse says:

    Vista print offered a free website design which would be promoted with all search engines….we decided to take up the offer after filling all the relevant boxes realised that the website was very basic to the point of being amateurish, so I asked for it to be cancelled they agreed to refund me all but £1.77 which they debited my credi card, I contacted them the said it was for an addional mail box ! I asked them what is this additional mail box ? And what good is it if there is no website ? They did not answer my question they repeated their message “it was for an additional mail box ” no explanation I have emailed them again but feel they are not an honest company and will not refund the money or probably will not answer

  47. Danny says:

    Hum…I never noticed the size difference. I design my own cards on Vista print. I CHANGE the font size, as it is too small. You MUST spend the $2 for a proof, or don’t gripe. It took me a few tries to use their software, but now that I have the hang of it, it’s not an issue. I get the glossy card stock, and the color is outstanding, and the print quality is superb. So before you start knocking them, spend a bit of time YOURSELF, getting to know the design software. If you use their templates, yes, they are a bit hokey, and I wouldn’t use any of them. Once you upload your logo in high quality, you can use it on any product. The one time charge takes care of everything.

    I did order some magnetic vehicle signs from them. The templates are somewhat mandatory. The print literally crumbled off the plastic after a year. I have never had magnetic signs do that before. I am going to contact them about that, and ask for another set, either free, or at a reduced rate.

    Like they say, you get what you pay for, but be sure to invest the time, and a little bit of money to get deluxe glossy cards, and upload a high quality image.

  48. Sarah says:

    I’m a graphic designer and I must admit, before I came one, I used vista print for my makeup artistry business.
    Now that I am a trained design professional I am able to see the inferior nature of vista print.
    I think if you’re not a business or company (I noticed a teacher commented above?) and you just want to use them as incentive cards etc then vista print is an excellent substitute.
    But if you’re a business that is serious, and committed to the long haul growth of your service, visit a professional. There are some graphic designers (like me) who actually aren’t “in it for the money” and are quite competitive with their prices.
    If anyone is interested, visit my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/S.OhCreative
    I provide quality service at an affordable price. Who needs vista print? :)

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