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The Essentials of
Effective Business Card Design

Business Card Design examplesBusiness cards remain the most popular printed marketing tool of small business, and it’s no wonder – they’re portable, affordable, versatile and people actually expect you to use them!  Yet more than 90% of business cards wind up in the trash the day they’re received.

So how do you make a distinctive, memorable business card?  How do you come up with a business card design that doesn’t cost a fortune and yet won’t get thrown away?

My name is Diana Ratliff, and you might consider me a sort of “business card evangelist.”  I’m not a printer.  I’m not a graphic designer.  (I’m actually a web designer and SEO expert from Columbia, MO.)

Back in the 90’s, I printed a directory of home-based businesses in my town, as a low-cost way to help these small businesses advertise.  I saw more than my share of cheap business cards – some of which were actually pretty decent marketing tools, some not.  They cost the same, so why did some business cards get phones to ring, and others get thrown away?  Hmmm. is the result of the research I did.  I discovered that effective (and by effective, I mean profit-generating!) business card design is more than just the look of the card, although that’s important.

Business cards that bring in business need to be carefully worded as well, with the goals of the specific recipient in mind.

Here’s HOW TO DESIGN A BUSINESS CARD – the process I use, anyway!