Diana Ratliff is an author and entrepreneur with a passion for the power of the carefully-chosen word. As her taglines indicate, she believes that marketing materials should work as hard as their owners do.

Former publisher of the Way to Grow Home Business Directory and the Way to Advertise newsletter, her experiences with new business owners led to a fascination with business cards. Diana noticed that many of her clients would order cheap, ugly cards and then somehow expect the world to beat a path to their doors. Her subsequent research led to this website and reports.

Web Design & SEO:

Ratliff has been marketing online since 1999 and considers herself fortunate to write on a variety of topics that interest her and work with many outstanding companies.

Today she offers website design and SEO services, with a focus on local businesses who want a visible, profitable search engine presence in their communities.  She also wrote a weekly Web Wise newspaper column for The Columbia Daily Tribune for 2 years.

Media Representatives:

Diana welcomes the opportunity to respond to YOUR questions about business cards, or business card marketing. She offers a different “slant” than a printer or graphic artist, and the creative ways to USE business cards that she has discovered are sure to interest your audience.

Story Ideas/Angles:

  • With the growth of the Internet and web-based communication, are business cards even necessary any more?
  • What are the pros and cons of unusual business cards?
  • What mistakes do people make when designing or ordering business cards?