Announcing Capture Business Cards…

3 Business Cards in One!

(1 business card + 2 labels on back)


4 Cards in One!

(1 business card + 3 labels on back)

Triple (Even QUADRUPLE!) the Reach of Your Business Cards – At No Extra Cost!

(Looking for something to put on the BACK of your Business Cards? This is IT!  My top recommendation.)

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Capture Business Cards Peel Off LabelsCapture Business Cards stand out as a whole new category of interactive customized business cards. The card combines the benefits of a standard business card on the front with the multiple functions of removable adhesive labels on the back. Capture Card’s patented design allows you to conveniently and effectively transfer key information into calendars, address books, sales material and more. All while maintaining the functionality of a standard business card because even after the labels are removed you will have a regular weight business card.
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Capture Business Cards with Functional Labels on BackThere are two Capture Business Card designs. Capture Card is a standard business card with three regular adhesive labels applied directly to the back, two small and one larger. These labels conveniently enhance your business card with a variety of ways to leave a lasting reminder with every card you distribute. Whether it is a return address label, appointment reminder, contact information, promotion or any of the many effective design ideas Capture Cards are fully functional alternative to average business cards..

Capture Card Plus is a standard business card with two re-positionable labels adhered to the back. These two labels can be customized to suit your networking and communication needs and can be applied and reapplied to a variety of mediums. The extra space and repositionable adhesive make this an even more versatile edition of the Capture Card concept. They have been used as personalized sticky notes, photo stickers, maps, to convey contact information and a variety of other unique and customized purposes. Capture every opportunity to make a lasting impression with your Capture Card.
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“These unique business cards get my highest endorsement.”  -Diana