Business Card Cases for Pocket or Purse

Business card cases are an essential card accessory, and they can also function as a conversation-starter.

favorite business card case(By the way – though the terms “business card HOLDER” and “business card CASE” are often used interchangeably, I’m trying not to do so here.

A CASE is small enough to carry around, and that is what I’m referring to on this page. If you’re looking for a way to display business cards on your desk or a wall, read about business card holders here.)

A business card without a case is like a letter without an envelope. Well, sort of.

A business card CAN convey a message without a business card case or wallet — but the message is likely to be clearer (not to mention CLEANER) if it’s accompanied by an attractive and functional way to store and transport it.

Taking the time and effort to put a card you just received into a quality business card case also sends a subtle message to the person who owns the card – if you do it right in front of them, right after they hand you their card, they can see that you value their business.

An out-of-the-ordinary business card can also be a great excuse to strike up a conversation about your business.

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How to Choose Business Card Cases

expensive Mont Blanc business card holderCost is always a factor of course – you can get one for less than $5, and you can spend more than $100 on one too, like this fancy Mont Blanc one for men. (100% leather, made in Italy, gusset for business cards, 2 pockets for credit cards, additional pocket.)

But otherwise, think of how you’ll use the business card case when you’re making a buying decision.

Is it for YOUR cards?
If so, how many cards do you typically carry with you? And how available do your cards need to be – in your pocket, in your purse, or in a stash in the car?

Is the case for OTHER people’s cards?
If you collect a lot of business cards at conferences or networking events, then you might want a business card case that holds quite a few – perhaps with pockets (put business cards from “hot prospects” in their own separate section.) An additional pocket can also be used for bank or credit cards.

How durable does the business card case need to be?
Leather is durable, stylish and just feels good in your hand; metal cases come in an enormous variety of styles and colors, but are easy to scratch.

Do you want your business card case to stand out and attract attention?
If you’re carrying business cards with you, you might choose a case that is elegant, colorful or funny. When you pull it out and make a show of using it, it’s sure to keep the conversation going!

My Favorite Business Card Case

A photo of a favorite business card case is shown above. It comes in several colors, but I think the rose gold color is pretty without being too “girly.” I like that it has different pockets, so I can keep an ID in one pocket, or put my cards in one area and cards I get somewhere else. And I just prefer leather card cases.