Business Card Design for Expand2Web

When I was first learning web design, one of my favorite resources was Expand2Web, which offers tools and training to help businesses get and market online.  I LOVED their wordpress theme and used it a lot in my web design business.

When the owner, Don Campbell, redid his logo and had new business cards designed,  I asked him to share his design and his process.

I recently redid the logo for Expand2Web, because I wanted a logo on a single line (it was on two  lines before) and I wanted a logomark graphic associated with it for brand identification, and for use as a Favicon, etc.

Although so many things are electronic these days, I still use business cards a lot at conferences and parties when I meet new people. It seems like everyone still relates well to a printed business card. People still hand them to me all the time too.

On the back of my card, I took the opportunity to put a short sentence that describes what my company does: “Tools and Training To Get Your Business Online”



P.S. I had the logo and business card designed at 99 Designs, I was very specific with the designers there. I had the cards printed at Printing For Less and they went over and above with customer service. The first set I had reprinted because of an issue with the artwork I supplied them, and they did that for me at no-cost. Then they wrote this nice blog post about my business. “

Anyway here is his business card – and note, all you skeptics, that this is an ONLINE MARKETER who still uses business cards.

I like the way they used the space on the back of their business card too.

By the way, Don is now Chairman of GatherUp, exceptional online reputation and review software.