Business Card Displays

I referenced business card displays briefly (on the page about business card holders). But typically the people who are using the word “display” are looking for something more than a desktop tray that holds cards for a dozen sales reps. So I felt that business card displays warranted their own page.

According to the Oxford dictionary, something that is displayed is intended to be noticeable and easy to see:definition of display for business cards

So for our purposes, we’re probably talking about wall-mounted business card display cases, like this one, which is currently Amazon’s Choice: business card display 24 cards wall mounted

Who might use a business card display like this? Sure, companies with a lot of employees or salespeople. I’ve seen one at a car dealership, for example.

But even if you don’t have that many employees, you might allow customers to put their cards on display in your waiting room. My CPA did that, adding a large display case right next to her front office door. I added my own cards if there was room and browsed other people’s cards while I was waiting for my appointment. It was a nice gesture that made me feel as if she valued my business.

I’ve even seen this idea adapted as a business opportunity. I saw business card displays that lock and unlock, so that only one person can add more cards. The owner puts these cases in public areas like laundromats, bus stops, restaurants, and so on – and RENTS access. He finds businesses who want to display their cards in that location, and has a regular route where he keeps the cards stocked up. He charges a monthly fee.

The one I saw was custom made of wood – I’ll try to find a picture of it! But it gives you an idea of another way to use a business card display.