Business Card Holders for Desk

Business card holders are often used to keep business cards organized on the top of a desk, and sometimes for a way to display multiple cards. (Click here for individual business card cases, that you might use in a purse or pocket. Click here for more about displaying a lot of business cards.)

If you meet with prospective clients or customers in an office setting, it’s common to put your business cards in a quality holder. Placing that holder on your desk or in the reception area is polite and also a good marketing tactic.

But as with the business card itself, using a time to use a cheap version and a time to use a more expensive or unusual holder.

How to Choose a Business Card Holder

There are so many styles, sizes and prices of business card holders! So how do you know which one to buy? Let’s think through some of the factors.

Business Type:
People get certain images in their mind when they think of certain professions, so using marketing collateral that reinforces these perceptions is always smart. For example, a pretty stained glass business card holder is more suited to an art studio than the office of a personal injury attorney.

Similarly, larger companies may prefer to use standardized, easily-replace card holders. They might order in batches from a promotional products company.

Where are you going to put the business card holder? Will it be on the desk of the company CEO, in a private office? If so it’s less likely to get knocked off or stolen than if it’s on a table in a busy waiting room. A really elegant or unusual business card holder might be great for the former. I’d suggest cheaper plastic card holders for the latter.

Number of Cards:
If you want to display business cards of more than one person, you may want something like this acrylic business card holder for multiple cards.

It will keep the cards organized and doesn’t take up as much room on a counter.

It’s also possible to get wall-mounted business card display cases, for perhaps dozens of cards.

Cool Card Holders & Related Products:

Business Card Cues:
These are temporary, cardboard holders that are great to use at conferences or even pin to bulletin boards.

I speak at conferences, and use these cardboard holders on my exhibitor table. If one gets ripped off – no big loss!

I’ve also brought these to networking events and set one out near my seat. It’s an eye-catching way to display business cards (there are different designs than just the one shown.)

I will be reviewing more business card products soon!