Finding a Business Card Maker

A good business card maker – software to make your own business cards from scratch – is kind of a contradiction in terms, in my experience.  Yes, you can find business card software that functions effectively when making business cards.  But whether these business card makers produce “good” business cards, in the sense of effective, memorable tools for conveying who you are and what you do – well, that’s another story.

The limitations on making good business cards with a business card maker aren’t necessarily a function of the software – they’re inherent in the process itself.  You need quality card stock and a top-notch printer, for example, when you make business cards (more pros and cons on that page.)

And you need the artistic and graphic design skills to actually create an attractive business card, as well.

So given the time and money you spend a) searching for business card maker software, b) learning how to use it, and c) buying supplies to make your own business cards, you really don’t save much time or money when making your own business cards.

Business Card Makers (Software)

If you do choose to create your own business cards, you may to be able to use the business card maker already installed on your computer.  Didn’t know you had one?

Existing text editing programs such as Microsoft Word or Publisher can usually do the job, especially if all you want to make are a few dozen cards.  You can usually find a business card template that will work, or edit the settings appropriately to add your text and graphics.

If you’d like more options (such as pre-installed business card backgrounds) and more convenience, you might want to try one of the following business card software programs below.  Both have reputations as quality business card makers.

Business Card Designer Pro for $29.95

Business Card Designer Plus for $29.95

A Better Business Card Maker

In my opinion, you can make a better business card – one that looks and feels professional, yet is still unique to you and your business – by making business cards at a reputable online printer who provides backgrounds.