Business Card Ideas

Real Estate Business Cards

One of the industries that is most dependent on quality business cards is the real estate industry, which includes not only realtors but property developers, mortgage brokers, and other real estate agents and professionals.  You probably go through real estate business cards fairly quickly, especially if you’ve discovered ways to be creative about using them! …

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Unique Business Cards: The Pros and Cons

Everyone wants their business card to stand out – to be noticed – to be kept.  So it’s understandable that you’re considering unique business cards. These days it’s amazing how unique and unusual business cards can be, not only in terms of materials used to make business cards (like grass clippings, wood, metal and plastic) …

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Make Business Cards – “How to”

You can make you own business cards using a decent word processor software and a high quality printer. Don’t be fooled though, this process is not as inexpensive as most business owners first think it may be. What Reasons Are There to Make Your Own Business Cards? The most common answer to this question is …

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