Appearance on The CBS Sunday Morning Show

Business Card Expert Diana Ratliff and CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell

CBS News Wanted a Business Card Expert

When a producer from CBS News contacted me about an interview as a business card expert for an upcoming episode of The CBS Sunday Morning show, I thought it was a hoax.  While I’ve been featured in national media before, it’s mostly been print – not national TV!

So the first thing I did was go to the CBS News website and make sure there was a producer by that name on the show.  Yep, there was… so I responded.

We talked on a phone, he asked a bunch of questions about business cards – I guess to make sure I was a legitimate expert – and he explained their plans.  There was going to be a show completely focused on business topics.

TV Crew Invited to Chamber of Commerce Event

When I found out they wanted to include me – and actually send correspondent Russ Mitchell and a production crew out here to Missouri to film – I didn’t want them to come to my home office.

CBS Sunday Morning Business Card Episode

Instead I suggested we meet at an event where HUNDREDS of people would be exchanging business card, our Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Membership Breakfast!  It was quite a trip, having 4 people follow me around at a networking event – one who looked famous (Russ Mitchell), plus a cameraman, a man with a huge microphone, and the producer.  They filmed business card exchanges with several of my friends – the ones who were willing to be on camera!

Personal Interview as Business Card Expert

AFTER the event, we went to another room for a one-on-one interview.  It took nearly an hour for them to stage the room just right (plants, sound, lighting.)  I’d brought a bunch of business card samples – cards that I thought were especially unusual or done well (or not).  We spoke for nearly 2 hours.

Periodically we’d stop so that they could adjust the sound, or get a close up of a card, or me holding a card, or Russ holding a card.

In total, they spent 6 hours with me.

The episode originally aired in March 2011 and aired again in June.  And here it is – out of that 6 hours, I got about 15 seconds of airtime!

(Sorry, there’s an ad at the beginning of the video – nothing I can do about that.)  My segment starts at :39 – and that closeup of the business card collection?  Those are my cards.  (See Hillary Rodham Clinton’s card?  And the card that was so carefully cropped at the left is for a prostitute.)