Custom Business Cards

“Custom” business cards – as the dictionary defines them – are business cards made according to the specifications of the buyer.

In that sense, every business card that has unique details on it can be considered “custom”, but of course that’s not what you mean!

More likely than not, you’re hoping to go beyond the concept of “made to order” business cards to the concept of unique business cards.  Business cards that are not necessarily unusual, but significantly different than cards used by competitors or colleagues.

If you’re searching for custom business cards, odds are that the generic clipart and card stock that you can get at your local quick print shop is NOT what you’re looking for!

How to Create Custom Business Cards

There are two primary methods for creating a custom business card.

First – use your own graphics and software to start from scratch.  You can hire a graphic designer (or do it yourself, if you’re good at this) to create a logo, design and concept that is completely unique and sold only to you.

That’s what many business people and companies do; they upload a completely original design to an online business card company or give it to their local commercial printer for the actual printing.

Second – get a “head start” by modifying an existing design.  This is actually quite a bit simpler, faster and usually more cost effective. You can start with a business card template and add your own logo, slogan, or color scheme to make it truly unique and original. You can even add your photo or another image that you are fond of.

make a custom business card from a simple template like this oneThe card to the right is a great example of a card that could be easily customized. You could add a photo of your smiling face, add a photo of a lawnmower, change the text to yellow, or even rotate the orientation of the card – any of which would completely change the look and feel of the business card.

True, when you use a template like this one, from an online business card printer, other people can use the same background – so you may be hesitant to adopt this approach.

However, by the time that you have made your own modifications, additions and formatting, it will be as close to a unique and original business card as you can get. In addition, it looks professional, can be easily ordered (or reordered) on short notice, and doesn’t cost a fortune!  (Besides, how many of your competitors would actually go to the SAME printer and order the SAME card?)

Why not try this option on your next order of business cards?