Ideas for the BACK of your Business Cards

If you’re not using the back of your card, you’re wasting an inexpensive method to catch and keep your customer’s attention. Here are some fun and useful ideas to get you started! If you see an asterisk (*) after the idea, you’d need to create a form on the back of the card for the cardholder to fill in with the suggested info.

Good Tip: Add this info to existing business cards using self-adhesive address labels.

a copy of the FRONT of your card
acupressure chart
additional locations
admission pass
advertising rates
amortization schedule
appointment times*
area churches
area telephone prefixes
automobile accident procedures
awards or honors received
before/after photos
Bible verse
biorhythm chart
birthdays & anniversaries*
BMI (body mass index) calculator
body measurements*
books/articles published
branch offices
brand names you sell
business philosophy
calorie or fat gram counter
calories burned while exercising
car care checklist
charities you support
checklist of symptoms
children’s developmental milestones
child’s immunization record*
city offices (health, public works, utilities)
class schedule*
Code of Ethics
college readiness checklist
color wheel, complementary colors
common HTML tags
common misspellings
company history
comparison chart
contact information for local government agencies
contact information*
contest rules
copy of your email signature file
cost-cutting ideas
coupon or discount offer
courses you teach
CPR instructions
currency conversion rates
degrees obtained
Dewey Decimal system
emergency phone numbers
emergency preparedness checklist
employee names
energy-saving tips
entertaining or useful websites
envelope sizes
fabric care instructions
fabric yardage conversion chart
family clothing sizes*
favorite quotation
floor plan
flower meanings
food group pyramid
foreign language phrases
frequently asked questions
fuller description of what you do/who you do it for
fun places to go in town
game (Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, dot-to-dot picture)
game schedule for local sports team
graduation requirements
growth chart
heart rate chart
hours of service
household safety tips
how to change a tire
how to jumpstart a car
humorous anecdote
image of a million-dollar bill
ingredient substitutions
instructions for Heimlich maneuver
joke or riddle
large print version of data on front of card
list of emoticons
loan payment information
local pharmacists
major clients
meeting schedule
membership card
merchants who offer related services
merchants who’ll give discount when card is shown
metric conversion chart
mileage-destination chart
mission statement
most popular products
moving checklist
nail sizes
national holidays
paint/wallpaper names, by room*
periodic table
personal medical information*
pet peeves
phone card
phone numbers for time, temperature, weather
planting guide
political organizations
product comparison chart
product price list
product uses
public speaking tips
quantity discount list
reasons to purchase NOW
recommended systems/minimal standards
record of child’s height/weight by age*
reflexology chart
retirement readiness checklist
return or refund policy
ring sizes
rubber-stamped design
rules and regulations
screw sizes
seal of approval
song lyrics
stain removal guide
State/Country elected officials
stress relief tips
subscription rates
table of weights & measures
taxi services
temperature zone map
Ten Commandments
Ten Warning Signs of Cancer
terms and conditions
thought-provoking question (“Can you afford college?”)
time zone chart
tips percentage table
tire tread depth gauge
toast or blessing
toll-free phone numbers for airlines
toll-free phone numbers for car rental agencies
toll-free phone numbers for hotel chains
train or bus schedules
translation of your card into a foreign language
trivia related to your business or industry
U.S. Presidents
U.S. states and capitols
URLs for Internet search engines
vision test
weight loss record*
wind chill index
wine list
work or industry experience
your signature
zip/postal codes
zodiac signs