Ideas to Make Your Business Cards Effectual

Businesses and individuals make use of business cards as a contact method for their potential and existing clients. Business cards ideally contain all relevant information about you which would draw them to avail what you are offering.

Take an insurance agent for example; when they make a sales call not all their visits will convert into actual sales. Maybe two out of ten people would sign up for insurance instantly while the rest would keep insurance agent’s visiting card only to ‘think about it and revert’.

Well, that’s what business cards do; they make customers think about you or your business and then come back for a purchase. They are a great source to increase the customer base. It is no wonder that business cards are becoming increasingly popular.

Owing to the increasing demand of business cards they are now available in diversity and a whole segment of specialized graphic artists have emerged who take care of your business cards.

There are however few things which you should take into account when designing or planning to order your business cards, for instance:

  • Keep your card simple and make the important contact information easily readable on the card. Many a times people create business cards that are too glossy or too colored that the important information gets obscured.
  • Your card should reflect your goal. If you want to use business cards as means to introduce yourself then your company/business name along with the logo and contact information is sufficient. However, if you want others to reach you through email and also to contact you directly for your services then you need to design the business card accordingly.
  • Use catchy phrases to define your line of business or the variety of services that your offer. This is where business cards come in handy as a marketing tool.
  • Shun away the traditional card styles with the same old borders and shading. Instead, use your creativity to put up all the relevant information in a trendy and catchy style.
  • View your card in various stencils and various formats to see which one suits your needs best and which one would actually hit your target market more successfully.
  • Many people also use their pictures on the business cards so that others remember them more clearly; thereby creating greater chances of being contacted later. However, if you are using some other image on your card then you must ensure it goes in line with your image or that of your business.
  • Watch out for your card’s printing quality. Many people spend huge amounts on the designing of cards but when it comes to the final printing they become conscious of the cost factor and use low-quality paper to print their cards. This is where you need to be careful; your card speaks for you and it needs to leave a powerful image of you therefore you should not be compromising on the quality of paper that is used to print the cards.
  • Make sure your business cards are designed to be handy and to be easily carried in wallets etc.


Author Bio:   John Adams, Chief Editor DOW-PRINTING

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