Insight from David Kalthoff of, Part 1

Some valuable insight from David Kalthoff of – I asked him some questions about how business cards are changing, the status of the industry, and common mistakes on business cards.  I’ll share his answers with you in the next few blog posts!

Here’s………… DAVID!

How are business cards changing?

Traditionally you would see a business card as something that goes along with company stationery like letterheads and envelopes.

Today, a business card is no longer used for just contact information. It’s more viewed as a promotional product. A flyer, of sorts.

Capabilities of printing business cards have changed. We’re allowed thicker paper stock, special coatings, die cuts, photographic quality printing. All of these things lend themselves to making a miniature promotional product rather than just a calling card.

Gone are the days of thermal cards, too. It’s like asking for a plaid suit. It’s not in style any longer. The heat process that’s used to boil ink to raise it off of the paper is unsafe. There are too many chemicals involved and it’s just not a printing process that would be considered modern. There are very few printing companies that are still producing that product.

What new technologies are available and how are they being used today as compared to say 10 years ago?

10  years ago these were all very expensive options that would cost hundreds of dollars for a box of cards. Today you can have any of these for around $50 or less.

Turnaround times have changed as well. 10 years ago it would take weeks to get a set of cards done between the desktop publishing and the printing process.

Today, files can be digitally produced instantaneously and the printing process regardless of complexity gets completed in just a couple of days.

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