Insight from David Kalthoff of, Part 2

Today’s post from David Kalthoff concerns the business card industry.

What’s the status of the business card INDUSTRY?  Can you share stats about what is popular and where the industry is going? I hear that business cards are dying out.

The scope of the entire business card industry has changed in recent years.  The quantities that customers are ordering at one time have decreased. People move offices more frequently or change positions.

Likewise, people tend to order smaller quantities of cards in anticipation of changing them before they run out of the entire box.

Because of the cost factor of business cards; the fact that they’re so inexpensive these days, some companies are practically giving them away for free. The market is flooded with them.

So, in order to make your business card memorable. in order to make it stand out, the type of card you create would very much reflect the character of your company.

Now people tend to go for more flashy cards, options like spot UV coating, foils of various types and colors whereas traditionally it was only silver or gold now we do foil of just about any color. Adding round corners, slimming them down and making the cards narrower, making plastic cards and even sticker cards –  all of these things contribute to making a card stand out.

When you take the cost factor, the vastness of options that are available and the speeds at which cards are produced these days, I would say business cards are a business within itself. There are companies out there that do nothing but business cards and they’re very good at it.

Of all other print products, I would say that business cards have the most longevity. While other products have gone extinct, business cards are here to stay. Every business should have a set of business cards, and every business can afford one now.

In terms of popularity, our 16pt full color cards are our biggest seller. Spot UV and slim cards are big sellers as well, and really stand out when you put them next to a flimsy, one color, one sided card.

Overall, about 25-30% of the orders that come through our website are for business cards.

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