Insight from David Kalthoff of, Part 3

This third and final post from David Kalthoff concerns mistakes people make when designing or ordering business cards. He continues:

The area within a business card is small, but some people try to cram it with information which naturally makes text smaller and more difficult to read.

Another major mistake is when we receive files with borders.

While they can be visually appealing when printed correctly, due to the offset printing process the chance that borders are printed uneven is substantial. Most companies don’t guarantee evenness of any sort of border on cards.

Another problem we see often is too much black. A lot of customers don’t quite understand the four color process that’s used to print todays business cards.

On cards with small text within a large black area, the ink tends to bleed in to the letters, producing an undesirable effect.

Another problem that arises is when customers lay out their cards improperly and place text too close to the edge of one side or another, making the card visually imbalanced.

We also encounter problems of resolution. Customers tend to digitally create things that look great on screen at 72dpi but are unfortunately too low resolution to print, which makes the final product blurry. They become victims of today’s digital production process that can be difficult to understand.

Most of these issues can be resolved in a timely manner if the files are checked professionally prior to printing, which we offer as a free service when you order business cards or any other printed item from us.

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