Make Business Cards – “How to”

You can make you own business cards using a decent word processor software and a high quality printer. Don’t be fooled though, this process is not as inexpensive as most business owners first think it may be.

What Reasons Are There to Make Your Own Business Cards?

Making business cards - kitchen photoThe most common answer to this question is to save money. A large number of business owners under-estimate the cost of making their own business cards. By the time that you factor in the purchases of paper, ink, and perhaps even software, it is often more expensive than other options. You can still, however create something that is truly original and unique.

Required Equipment to Make Business Cards

  • Software
    One popular business card software program is Business Card Designer Plus ($29.95). It has the ability for you to customize and integrate a variety of backgrounds and it has many useful features to improve the quality of your business card. You can also use other Word Processing software such as Microsoft Word and Publisher.
  • Paper or Card Stock
    There are two suitable options that can be used as media for your business cards; business card paper and card stock. Business card paper (such as Avery business cards) has the advantages of being exactly the right size and usually comes with software or templates to help you design your card to fit. You should avoid pre-perforated business card paper as the look and feel is very flimsy and unprofessional.

    Cardstock is an alternative that you can use to print your business cards, and cut them out yourself. This is a very time consuming process and has the added challenge of producing professional cuts.

  • Printer
    It is essential to have a high quality printer and use a high quality print resolution. One important consideration here is that your printer should have the option to install waterproof print cartridges.

When is Making Your Own Business Cards Advised?

More often than not, it is considered unwise to try and make your own business cards. It is virtually impossible to create a home-made business card that portrays the quality and professionalism that your prospects expect. It’s also a time-consuming process, and normally more expensive than other alternatives.

With the advent of online printers who will accept orders of as few as 100 cards, even those who have the need for only a few business cards no longer have a justifiable reason to make their own.

And with the ability to add your own custom artwork now, it is far easier and less expensive to achieve your desired professionalism using an online printer.

What Should I Do Instead?

Why not make them online? Many online business card printers make it easy to create your own business cards, offering thousands of backgrounds (templates) to choose from or giving you the option to upload your own artwork.  This is the online printer I like best…