Newest Ways to Set Business Cards Apart


Business cards are important because they can help you open and close deals with your clients. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that enables you to display your branding and provide contact information to your clients.

So, what can help you set your business card apart from the rest?

Let’s dive into a few things you can keep in mind while designing your card. The following can help you create something that is not only beautiful but also an effective marketing tool.

Business card images

If you are opting for any photography or illustration on your business card, it is important you use professionally drafted images. Ordinary amateur pictures can reflect badly on your brand and fail to capture your client’s attention. Always opt for high-quality logos, caricatures, or images when it comes to business card printing.

Mtl Duct Cleaning QR code

Business QR Codes

Putting QR codes on a business card can elevate your card’s functionality. The QR code can provide your customers and clients with a gateway to visiting your social media profiles or websites in just a matter of seconds.

Since the client doesn’t even have to type in your business name manually, just a QR code scan can definitely be something that they find attractive about your brand. The client or customer can save time in visiting your landing page, which creates organic traffic your brand’s social presence needs.

Business card colour schemes

If you are setting up a brand from scratch, then you might have to choose a colour scheme based on the type of business sector you are entering. It is very important to choose the right colours to make the right impression. For example, things might not sit right with your client if your funeral home business has a bright pink business card.

If you already have an existing brand, your business card should incorporate the same colours as the branding on the rest of the artwork or publications. Choosing a colour that is completely different from your brand can hamper the brand image that you are trying to create.

Instead, you can choose complimenting colours or a different shade of the same colour to create a classy business card.

Business card finishes

A cool business card finish can make or break your business card’s look. You can choose to go timeless with a matte finish or even choose glossy for a more high-end stylish look.

Other than the popular matte and glossy, many businesses are also using gold or silver foil finishes to make their business cards look royally elegant. Embossing or debossing is another creative way to emphasize your logo to make the client remember your brand.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can opt for matte cello business card finishes to give your business cards the most premium look possible. Not only do they look great, but they also feel like velvet when you touch them!

You can also step out of the box and use recycled paper for your business cards. Not only are you saving the planet, but your business will also earn street credit for being environmentally responsible.

Business card distribution tactics

Apart from design and printing, distributing business cards is a very important factor because handing them to the clients is the ultimate goal.

You can choose to hand out your business cards to your clients, suppliers, partners by handing them over when you meet them. However, you can also drop them off at networking events, fairs, and exhibitions to promote your business. Try creating an event calendar to supply your business cards around the year whenever necessary.

Since business cards are considered marketing material, you can drop them off door to door just like a flyer. This strategy might help boost your business. Since it has all the necessary contact information available, you can use a business card as a replacement for a flyer.

Another great way is to attach your business card to any document you are sending over. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a document. If you are sending anyone a package, you can easily slip in your business card so that it can travel to different places and bring back business opportunities.

Wrapping Up                                                                                                         

By following just a few tactics and designing rules, you can create the perfect business card to help you promote your business. Never underestimate the power of hand-held marketing material because it can help your client register your brand image as soon as they hold it in their hand.