Online Business Cards Offer Speed, Convenience and High Quality

If you’re trying to decide whether or not ordering online business cards is right for you, you’ve come to the right place! It’s an increasingly popular option, but there are thousands of business card sites to choose from – and even when you find one you like, it can be confusing to actually place an order.

So – here’s an illustration of how to choose and design online business cards. Examples on this page are from an online business card printer I recommend.  However, the same principles will apply to most other online business card printing companies.

Your first choice will be whether you want to use existing artwork or use one of the professionally designed templates (backgrounds) that many printers offer.

Let’s assume that you want to use a template-based printer, which is the easiest option.

Choosing an Online Business Card Design Template:

Most online business card printers offer hundreds if not thousands of business card options. Fortunately, they’re usually organized by category, so begin by selecting a category related to your business or to the type of background you’d like to have.  Take some time and browse through the categories, or try entering a few different but relevant keywords, to see what you come up with.

online business card template categories

So, assuming you can narrow down a category, how do you settle on a template? Ask yourself:

  • Will this design work well with the amount and type of information that you need to include?You don’t want your text and the images to compete with each other. Generally speaking, if you need a lot of text, choose a less complex or smaller background image. If your text is minimal, the design can be bolder and busier.
  • Does this background suit the style of your business – formal, casual, artsy, traditional?  Does it meet customer perceptions of you?
  • Will it stand out without being too far out?
  • Does this design tie in to any existing slogans, products or marketing campaigns? You get more “bang for the buck” if it does!

It can be fun to try a more random and creative approach, too.

The background doesn’t have to be an obvious fit. Look through the backgrounds too with an eye to illustrating product benefits.

For example, a background with a smiling baby may suit a daycare center, pediatrician or diaper service – all of whom would hope to have a smiling baby as a product benefit. Creative taglines can also relate a product or service to a particular background theme. (Humorous business card taglines are on this page.)

How to Work with an Online Business Card Template:

It may be a bit daunting at first, but the best online printing companies have tested and refined their design interfaces to make it as easy as possible for you to enter text and format the card to meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to play around and see what you can do!

Online business card templates load with pre-selected layouts that have been chosen especially to suit the card. However, you can change the layout (options are shown) to better fit what YOU have to say.

For my illustration, I clicked on Nature > Animals > Cats (I also own, so I’m interested in pet business cards) and here’s what I get. You’ll see that there are several pages of designs:

screen shot of online business card printer interface

So I clicked on a card I liked, and here’s what the page looks like where you edit your information:

onilne business card interface, actual card

A Few Online Business Card Design Tips

One important fact to remember is that names of text fields are suggestions, not requirements – they’re not mandatory.

You don’t have to put information in every text field.

You don’t have to put your address in the address field, or even fill out the address field at all. If you want your website address to be where the company name normally goes, that’s fine. Try it and see how it looks.

You can also put an underscore (_____) or asterisks (***) in a text field for extra design flair.

One very important point is to make sure your font choices are legible – not everyone has excellent eyesight, especially if you market to older people! Be careful of all caps, especially in Script fonts. And a font size of 12 or larger is a good choice for important information like phone numbers.

Also, be sure there’s sufficient contrast between the color of the font and the background of the card.

Finally – be sure to check spelling and verify numbers before submitting your card. It’s your responsibility to check for typos, not the printer’s!  Some printers do scan cards briefly before printing, but that’s a courtesy, not a requirement.