Real Estate Business Cards

One of the industries that is most dependent on quality business cards is the real estate industry, which includes not only realtors but property developers, mortgage brokers, and other real estate agents and professionals.  You probably go through real estate business cards fairly quickly, especially if you’ve discovered ways to be creative about using them!

So whether you’re looking for a company template online (many real estate agencies such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Keller Wiliams have contracted with online printers to offer approved designs), or whether or not you want to design an original realtor business card, you can find what you need.  But it may be a bit confusing!

Business card for real estate professionalReal estate cards are among the most difficult to design, due to the amount of custom information that is customary.  Printers say that the biggest business card design mistake is overcrowding a card, yet a typical real estate business card includes at least half a dozen pieces of contact information – plus a photo, and a logo, and so on!

Hopefully, the following business card guidelines for realtors will help you craft the most effective card for your particular real estate business.

Real Estate Business Card Guidelines:

  • Include Photos?  Maybe, Maybe Not
    Photos are undoubtedly an important tool in fostering a personal connection with someone.  They allow people who have never met you to quickly identify who you are, and they help prospective clients remember you.

    But there are disadvantages to including photos, too.  They take up a lot of valuable space on your business card.  Photos go out of date quickly – you need to be constantly updating your picture and printing new real estate cards when you do.

    Also, you lend yourself to preconceived prejudices that your prospect may have. (Are you too old, too young, the wrong color, the wrong sex, too stylish, not stylish enough…???)

    You might want to test business cards with and without your photo to see what works best for you.

  • Multiple Cards.
    If you go through business cards fairly quickly, or work in more than one type of real estate property or with distinct client groups, it’s not a bad idea to try different business card styles and use multiple card variations.

    For example, order TWO sets of real estate business cards.  Make one more sales and prospect-oriented; put your photo on it, link to your website where you can download the free report on getting your home ready for sale, mention all the awards you’ve won, and so on.

    Give the second version of your business card to people who have become customers.  Such business card users would probably appreciate the extra contact information that won’t fit on a typical card.

  • Appeal to Your Client
    Real estate business card sampleIt is important to keep your potential client in mind while designing your real estate business card. If you represent wealthy clients that are likely to purchase or sell luxury properties, then your business card should look extremely classy and professional, with a photo, perhaps, of the type of home you sell.  If your clients are typically first-time home owners, your card (and the card content) may be significantly different.

Your choice of printer is more vital than for most professionals. You need a printer with a comprehensive collection of templates that really understands the real estate industry. You also require a company that allows you to incorporate images into your design and with an unequivocal reputation with the Better Business Bureau.