Unique Business Cards: The Pros and Cons

Everyone wants their business card to stand out – to be noticed – to be kept.  So it’s understandable that you’re considering unique business cards.

These Unique Business cards - capture cardsdays it’s amazing how unique and unusual business cards can be, not only in terms of materials used to make business cards (like grass clippings, wood, metal and plastic) but also in terms of size and shape (die-cut business cards, oversized or undersized cards) and even in terms of function (fold-over business cards, Capture Cards with removable labels on the back.)

However, unique business cards can sometimes backfire.  It’s important to assess and advantages and disadvantages of designing unique business cards before placing an order.

So let’s look at the pros and cons.

Why Use Unique Business Cards?

To get noticed!

People are more likely to read, retain and respond to a unique business card that grabs their attention. Ultimately that this is the purpose of a business card – to be kept, remembered, and USED by your prospect – so you want something unique, something that sets you apart from your competitors.

Why NOT Use Unique Business Cards?

To begin with, they’re more expensive than traditional business cards.

Many unique designs are far more expensive to print and produce, especially when using unusual shapes, uncommon materials, or outlandish coverings. In addition, any variation from the norm in regards to size or shape will make your business cards more difficult to store, not only for you – but for your client or prospect also.

How to Add Uniqueness the Right Way

Luckily, there are many better, less expensive and more effective ways to make your business cards, or business card templates unique. The key here is not to stray too far from the norm; one good strategy is making the card CONTENT unique.

When you’re designing business cards, you can use a background or color scheme that is uncommon in your industry, or try an unusual (but legible) font.

Business card with  unique sloganMake your business card reflect YOUR business, incorporate a funny business card slogan or tagline, add useful information or something fascinating but relatively unknown to industry outsiders.

You can also make unique business cards simply by being creative with their marketing potential.

For example, you could print 4 distinct sets of business cards, each with a different product benefit or joke or whatever! on the back of the card, and give a prize to someone who brings you all 4 cards.

If you want to add uniqueness to existing business cards, you can try rounding corners, punching a hole in your card or simply setting up an attention getting business card stand for distribution.