Using a Business Card As a Marketing Tool in a Digital World


Everything can be turned into a marketing asset, even your business cards. Why shouldn’t it? It contains your personal information and the details of your business. Technically, it has everything that should be found in every marketing material. So, the real question is, how can you convert it?

The Best Business Card Marketing Ideas

To convert your business card into your best marketing asset, it is time to find ways how to make the best out of those details. With a business card QR code as one of the modern means you can use to turn your business card into your best marketing asset, here are 5 best marketing ideas that you can employ today.

1.     Include Important Details

The first thing that should greet your recipient are your basic business information details. What are you selling? How does your business work? And the likes. Your business card won’t do you any good if the person receiving it has no idea what you have to offer.

Even if you do tell them what your business is about, do you think they will remember days after? The only thing will be left will be your business card and the information that can be found on it. So, make sure to keep everything complete and include all that a recipient needs to know.

2.     Add a Call to Action

Factor in the psychology of the human brain. People don’t know what to do unless they are fed with some sort of stimuli. What this means is that giving them your contact information is not going to be enough. If you want them to use it, you need to add in a call to action to urge them to get something done. It might be a small thing but it can easily influence a recipient who is on the border between whether or not to reach out.

3.     Look Professional and Modern

If you want to know how to turn your business card as your best marketing asset, don’t hire an outdated graphic artist. The world is littered with them. People who didn’t cope up with the trend and stay true to their design preferences that seem to be out of an early 2000’s poster making contest.

Modern design elements pivot on simplicity and minimalism. No more 3D renders but rather simple vector designs that puts the emphasis on the details that you provide. When it is easier to the eyes, the more likely a recipient is going to look at and fiddle with your business card. The more they do, the higher the chances of them picking up the phone.

4.     Add a Digital Aspect: QR Codes!

Business cards are small pieces of paper so you would know the strong physical limitations it imposes. The information you can provide can be as little as a few lines. What you can do is add a digital aspect to your business cards where people can learn and do more. The best way to do that would not be to add a link, but instead a QR code.

And to make it visually appealing, you can incorporate the use of a QR code generator with logo online to create custom QR codes for your business cards. Through this, your QR code design will not stray away from your business card design.

5.     Distribute Strategically

The most important thing about marketing is how you distribute your materials and it is no different with your business cards. You need to strategically hand them out and that means giving them out when you can.


One thing that is always inside your pocket is your business cards. So, you have them when you need them, and that is an important feature of every marketing material. You never know when one will be susceptible to your business, so having one all the time makes it a strong marketing asset.

As a result, it would be a huge wasted potential to not learn how to improve the impact of your business card. You already have a great marketing tool in your pocket, might as well use it to its full capabilities. To make things better, not only is it effective but cheap as well. So, it is everything you need all packed on one small piece of paper. You need not look for more.

Since people are now living in a technology-driven era, you can maximize your business card distribution by incorporating the use of a QR code generator online to create business card QR codes and add it to your business card information.